Collection: CO2 ZERO & Rihards Bebris

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Janis Gavars brings over 15 years of global experience in managing architecture and design companies and projects. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, he has founded CO2 ZERO, an Architecture and Design Studio, pioneering climate neutrality as its hallmark.

CO2 ZERO focuses on smart design, sustainable construction materials development, and upcycling. Janis Gavars emphasizes collaboration as the key to creative success. CO2 ZERO-MORANI, a collaboration with design experts Riccardo Capuzzo and Rihards Bebris, exemplifies the beauty born when talented individuals unite, creating designs that enhance life while prioritizing environmental impact.

Our design line showcases intelligent design, blending the finest Italian marble's timeless beauty and craftsmanship with a sustainable approach. Explore the synergy of quality, aesthetics, and eco-consciousness in every creation from CO2 ZERO.