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Tall Cylinder Marble Vase

Tall Cylinder Marble Vase

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Timeless Elegance: Discover the Graceful Beauty of the Morani Tall Cylinder Marble Vase Designed to accentuate luxury in your living space. Experience the divine symbiosis of natural stone and blossoms, creating an ambiance of enduring elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

Designed By: CO2 ZERO & Rihards Bebris
Made In:  Italy, Carrara
Surface finish:  Handcrafted Matte Polishing

Advice from Gianluca Morani
Avoid leaving organic matter in the vase for extended periods. Preserve the beauty of your marble through regular cleaning using a pH-neutral soap with warm water or just water, promptly addressing spills, and avoiding the use of acidic cleaners.

Each product is a unique piece, the only one of its kind in the world. Please note that the marble vein design and pattern may vary from the picture.
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